Check Engine Light Scan near Mokena, IL

Check Engine Light Scan near Mokena, IL

When your car battery runs out of juice or one of your tires has gone flat, it’s easy to tell there’s a problem. Other times, things can be less obvious, such as when your check engine light is on. Instead of worrying about the possibilities, why not pay Silver Auto Sales a visit and let us figure the issue out for you? We’ll scan your ride and have answers for you fast, so drop by 198 Industry Avenue in Frankfort, IL.

When Should I Visit?

The check engine light is typically located in front of the steering wheel and will either blink or remain constant depending on the problem. If the light is constant, it’s likely that your issue isn’t an emergency. However, you should still make it a point to drop into our Service Bay as soon as possible before things get worse. If the light is blinking, that’s an indication that there are serious mechanical failures that need immediate attention. If this is the case for your ride, don’t wait another minute before heading over to get your car fixed. You can schedule an appointment with us through our website or by calling us at 815-806-1390.

What is a Check Engine Light Scan?

When you arrive at our Service Department, the first thing we will do is use our scanner on your vehicle. This non-invasive procedure provides us with a series of codes that indicate where the malfunction is taking place. After we know what the specific issue is, we will fill you in and wait for you to decide what to do next. If you decide that you’d like us to get to work, we will do so immediately and have you back out on the road in no time at all. Don’t believe us? Check out our glowing customer testimonials to see what others have said about our service.

Routine Maintenance

While we’re taking a look at that check engine light, we can also perform any other routine maintenance that needs to be done. Whether you need a battery test, oil change, air filter replacement, or tire rotation, you can count on us to get the job done. As we get to work on your ride, feel free to lounge in our comfortable waiting room and have a coffee on us. Last but not least, be sure to check our current service specials before you swing by to see if you can save yourself some money while you’re here.

Stop by Silver Auto Sales when you need a check engine light scan near Mokena, IL. Our expert technicians can’t wait to get to work and have your ride in better condition by the time it leaves our care. We hope to see you soon!

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Traveling Customer Testimonial

Jackson, Wyoming
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

These guys went above and beyond to help me buy a Promaster that I had been eyeing from Wyoming. I flew to Chicago and took an Huber to Silver Auto. They even let me take one of the shops cars to go to the bank and get the check. #earlybirdgetstheworm.

Old School Trust and New School Sales!

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Nick and Ron were awesome! They told me to check out the car & they weren't hovering over me.I took it on a test drive, twice. They answered any questions I had. And took the best finance deal for me. They made sure I knew that cook County would send a separate tax bill. Silver auto is a mix of old school trust and new school sales. I was extremely happy

Repeat Customer Testimonial

Carol Stream
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

I have purchased three cars from Silver Auto for me and family members over the years. Have never had an issue with any of them. Referred a friend to Silver Auto and she bought a car, and likewise, has never experienced and issue. The sales process has been pressure-free. I felt like I paid a fair price for the cars I purchased, and got a fair price for my trade ins. Very pleased with Silver Auto.

Very Honest and Great Overall Experience

Orland Hills
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

These guys are great. They are very helpful, they don’t push and they tell it how it is. Very honest and it was a great overall experience.

Traveling Customer Testimonial

South Carolina
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Hi! Just wanted to say thank you to Silver Auto Sales! I love my new truck! I'm still on cloud nine and can't believe it's mine! I purchased the 2010 Ford F150 Lariat from you last week. I flew in from South Carolina and you treated me like family. You let me take the truck to an outside mechanic to check it out. By the time he finished, he wanted to buy the truck! You gave me a great deal. I appreciate your no pressure attitude and the sale was smooth. I drove it home that night-a 10 hour drive! And this week I drove up to NY to my nephew's graduation. Thanks again.

Great Experience! Very Professional! Definitely Recommend!

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

My wife and I were looking for a 2nd car, and while searching we came across Silver Auto Sales via Capital One. After conducting a search for a couple of particular vehicles, we found a few of interest. I emailed them and received a response and a phone call from their salesman Nick. We spoke briefly, covered a few specifics and my wife and I came in. They brought the vehicle right up, we took it for a drive, gave it a once over. Came back and did the paperwork. We left the same day within a matter of hours with the vehicle of our choosing. Nick was great, Ron was very professional and informative. Overall we had a great experience, got a great suv at a great price. I would definitely recommend them. Thanks again Nick for the service we received and for helping us obtain another vehicle.

Found My Only Dealer to Buy From!

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

What a great and efficient car buying experience. I have found my only dealer to buy from. From start to finish out in 2 hours. They did not push anything on you. I went there to look at a specific vehicle liked what I saw and purchased it. By far the best experience so far. If you want a low stress easy going go here there selection is vast.

Bought Site Unseen From Utah

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Excellent customer service. I bought the car site unseen and it was in the exact condition as mentioned on their website. The service was great, Zac even test drove the car and gave it a thorough look over for me to feel more comfortable in buying it without seeing it. Fast, Excellent customer service, Great to work with

Customer Testimonial

Katie M.
Oak Forest, Il on
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Polite and friendly employees!

Customer Testimonial

Annette & John S.
Tinley Park, IL on
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Laid back atmosphere and helpful & patient salesperson!

Customer Testimonial

Tim L.
Marseilles, Il on
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Low pressure staff and good price!

Customer Testimonial

Grant P
Frankfort, IL
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Always great help here at silver. Everyone is very nice and helpful. Have bought a few cars from here now and they are always a good deal. Would suggest going here to anyone next time they need a used car. Great service, great people, great cars

Customer Testimonial

(dealerrater reviewer) on
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

We had a great experience with Silver Auto Sales. Steve was very helpful and very no nonsense. Staff is extremely friendly and easy going. We got a very nice car at a very good price. I would recommend to everyone and plan on going back for my next purchase.

Customer Testimonial

(dealerrater reviewer) on
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

There are many things I love about this place. I love that there is only ONE price and it is their best price. Which from my experience, looking at many cars before buying one, was always under Blue Book!!!! I hate the idea that someone else may get a better price for the same car cause they can negotiate better than I can. I hate to negotiate!!!! Over the summer I bought a Toyota Camry Solara Convertible, Yea baby!!!

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